Why Vim is Great?

Why Vim is great? The answer is really complex, but let's try to break it down.

Why Vim is Great?
Photo by Alexander Sinn / Unsplash

Why Vim is great? The answer is really complex, but let's try to break it down.

In the developer community, Vim users are know with their "elitist" behaviour towards other text editor users (Yes, I am talking about you VSCode). But, why?

I have been using Vim (NeoVim to be precise) for quite a while now, and slowly but surely, I understand why a lot of Vim users out there act that way. Here are some of my thoughts on that:

The Steep Learning Curve

Vim mission is to make the user to not move away from keyboard as much as possible. Learning Vim requires us to learn quiet a lot of its movements, combination, and new concepts. This create some sort of barrier towards a new user that still considering to learn Vim.

But, in the other hand, once they are getting comfortable with it, it really gives a lot of fun and speed. That skill (using a lot of keys and combination) is I think one of the main contributor of the superior feelings that a lot of Vim user have.


With the power of plugins, Vim can be turn into a full blown IDE with a lot of features bespoke to its user itself. If you go dig a little bit online, you can find a lot of customisation available for that. Starts from the appearance, bindings, snippets, etc.

That's why, I think the each Vim configuration is really personal, even many people consider it like their own child.


Yup, once you tackle all of those things above (especially, the learning curve) you'll finally understand the true power of Vim, its speed. I think a demonstration will talk more than some words, so here is one of the fastest Vim user that I know, ThePrimagen:

VimTutor Speed Run

I'm not really a great Vim user yet, but the love that I found on using Vim is amazing, and that's why I wanna share it in this writing. Hope you enjoy👋.

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