Hisam Fahri

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Hi, I’m Hisam Fahri, a human, full-stack mobile and web developer, designer, and Formula 1 + Sherlock Holmes’ fan. Currently, working as a Software Engineer at Alpha AI.

I am trying to write and share my thoughts more in form of a blog post, but who knows at the time you are reading this, I might be create more posts or even rarely touch my blog.

You can find me on GitHub, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Email (me@hisamafahri.com).


Editr: yet another simple rich text editor, built using SlateJS

TNKB: an NPM package to validate and decode Indonesian's vehicle's registration/plate number

SandiSam: personal password manager mobile app for iOS and android

Personal Website: this website. The design was heavily inspired by Cactus Dark Theme, and built using NextJS

Relectr: tools to help teachers doing their repetitive task while focusing on the online teaching

AskMee: a simple desicion making app, inspired by Angela Yu's Project. Build for iOS and android

KitaLulus Redesign Concept: logo redesign and rebranding concept for KitaLulus